Welcome to First Christian Church of Temple

You are invited to explore your faith with us as we “promote the Kingdom of God and win people to faith in Jesus Christ!”  Our mission as a church is to let people know the kingdom of God is available now for those who believe in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  By sharing a large portion of our resources in mission to the poor and disadvantaged, we demonstrate the love of Christ we have received in his graceful gift of salvation won in the cross.

The purpose of our christian education and spiritual formation is to equip each person for the work of ministry and mission for which they have been called. So, as Disciples of Christ, we are an interesting aggregate of people who come from no faith background to Catholics to Baptists and all in between including our own churches of origin.  Many who are seeking middle ground find a home here.

As locally autonomous churches who are in covenant relationship with other manifestations of the church, we tend to develop partnerships that are life transformational locally and around the world. We are a rich blend of people who come from a wide-range of theological and experiential places who choose to live in harmony with each other as a part of our call.

As an intentional multicultural community of faith, we must constantly do the work of interpretation and listening. We seek to listen to each other with respect and together discern the direction of the Holy Spirit for our life and work.  This is particularly important as we explore ways to do ministry today and in the future. We hope you will join us in this historic time of discovery.

Dr. Don Lynn

Not many can say that they have really never had any other job.

IMG_2044Gerry Noland is one of them.  She landed the position of Secretary at First Christian Church of Temple, Texas, when she was 19 years old.  She was honored for her 44 years of service on Sunday, June 5, 2016.  Gerry retires at the end of June having seen many changes and served hundreds of people in that time.

The Rev. Clyde Nichols was the pastor who hired Gerry.  His long tenure and many years of writing books and articles have influenced thousands.  Gerry has served more years than any other FCC staff person, including many clergy:  Rev. David Fischer, Rev. Michael Snell, Rev. Joe Roberson, Rev. Phil Hills, Rev. Deborah Jones, and the Dr. Don Lynn….. and more, including some of the finest youth ministers and music directors in the area.

Her office has been relocated due to the remodeling and growth of the church at least three times with Gerry always having an attitude of enthusiasm and support for the leadership of the church.  She has experienced the building of FCC’s Kress Hall and administrative building in the early 1990’s, the renovation of the sanctuary, and the 2010 purchase and revitalization of the current student center at 311 N. 5th St.  The ministry to children grew from Two School, a mothers’ day out program, to a fully accredited NAEYC Preschool of 70 students while she served First Christian Church.

Gerry has a supportive husband, Bill Noland, of Troy, Texas.  She also has two daughters:  Susan of Temple, Texas, and Sarah of Aubrey, Texas.  She is active in her home church, First Baptist Church of Troy.  She enjoys movies, music, and making people laugh.  She has counseled and prayed with countless people through the years helping them know Jesus Christ more fully.  Gerry’s ministry may have started with a mimeograph, but it ended with counsel to staff and members alike.  Each life will never be the same again because of her keen spiritual maturity and strong faith.