Welcome to First Christian Church of Temple

You are invited to explore your faith with us as we “promote the Kingdom of God and win people to faith in Jesus Christ!”  Our mission as a church is to let people know the kingdom of God is available now for those who believe in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  By sharing a large portion of our resources in mission to the poor and disadvantaged, we demonstrate the love of Christ we have received in his graceful gift of salvation won in the cross.

The purpose of our christian education and spiritual formation is to equip each person for the work of ministry and mission for which they have been called. So, as Disciples of Christ, we are an interesting aggregate of people who come from no faith background to Catholics to Baptists and all in between including our own churches of origin.  Many who are seeking middle ground find a home here.

As locally autonomous churches who are in covenant relationship with other manifestations of the church, we tend to develop partnerships that are life transformational locally and around the world. We are a rich blend of people who come from a wide-range of theological and experiential places who choose to live in harmony with each other as a part of our call.

As an intentional multicultural community of faith, we must constantly do the work of interpretation and listening. We seek to listen to each other with respect and together discern the direction of the Holy Spirit for our life and work.  This is particularly important as we explore ways to do ministry today and in the future. We hope you will join us in this historic time of discovery.